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Sconto replica-first-look-jersey-home-messico-2019

The USWNT World Cup jersey was announced today. This summer, France will wear a white home jersey and a red away jersey.

The shirt he wore when he teamed up with Mia Hamm to lift the trophy on American soil in 1999 inspired the simplicity of this home shirt. Specifically, both shirts have the same Nike spin and feature a classic design. The cut and fit of these shirts is distinctive. Nike has cut this replica maglie da calcio specifically for these body types in both men’s and women’s.

The classic design of the home jersey is the story here, but with many subtle design features. On the back of the jersey are the names of the 50 states in light grey lowercase letters, along with the words “One Country One Team”. It’s the type of detail you don’t notice until you get close. Less conspicuous are the three stars on the left leg of the family shorts. Players don’t have to struggle to understand this summer’s USWNT standard.

The away jersey is a classic American red with some subtle design additions. Sublimated into the fabric is the old-school American star stripe pattern. It’s a jersey that feels like you’re at a 4th of July BBQ and World Cup game. On the label next to the jersey is the word “One Country”. One team. “It’s the old jersey catchphrase, and it’s still the rallying cry. replica club borussia dortmund

This summer will undoubtedly be a great time for the USWNT World Cup jerseys. Their official release date is May 9, but keep an eye out for future updates.